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Linksys – what a waste!

The worthless WRT-300N routerTo whom it may concern,

I’ve been a loyal fan, customer and follower of Linksys products. Sadly this has now changed. You are losing me as a loyal customer. A customer who has spent good customer dollars on your products and recommended you to everybody. You did this, not me. I gave you guys many chances.

I bought the Linksys WRT-300N router as an upgrade to my aging WRT54G router. All was well once the growing pains and bugs were somewhat sorted out. Then an update to the draft-N spec was released. I slowly learned my new, shiny router would not be upgradeable to the latest draft release. The big brother WRT-350N released shortly after I purchased mine was. The same router (300N) is compatible in Europe (with 2.0), but not in the US.


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