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If The World Could Vote

This election has been special for many reasons and it’s become a world event with media coverage everywhere on a daily basis. Maybe that’s why a couple of folks from Ireland decided to create a website to see what the world as a whole thinks about the two candidates for the President of the United States.

I recommend checking it out and even if you don’t vote yourself it’s interesting to see the results and the breakdown of percentages for each country.


Here’s some information taken from their website.

Who is behind the site?

Just three guys from Iceland. The site is independent from all political parties, companies or hidden agendas. It’s just an idea a 22 yo guy in Iceland came up with and executed with a little help from a couple of friends.

Why are you doing this?

Just out of curiosity. The president of the United States is a powerful man, probably the most powerful person on the planet. So everyone seems to have an opinion on who should be the next president of the United States. We thought it would be interesting to see who would be the next president if the whole world could vote. It’s also a challenge to try to beat the number of voters in the last US elections. So spread the news!

How many times can I vote?

Only once. Each computer can only vote once. Yes you can clear your cookies and vote again, but we have a script(called the Psychic Monkey) that looks for multiple votes and specific voting patterns and deletes fake votes before we publish the results.

I’m from the U.S, can i vote?

Of course you can, that will only make it more interesting to see how the U.S would vote in relations to the rest of the world.

Where are the other candidates?

Unfortunately it is clear that either of these two will become president. Although the 3rd party candidates have a theoretical change, that wont happen. And since we are not giving the world a real chance to vote, we want to see which one of these two the world wants. If we do this again though, we will include the 3rd party candidates.

Do you really think the world should be able to vote?

No i don’t! The United States of America is an independent country. The website focuses on what would happen IF the world could vote. And lets not forget, we are only doing this for fun. Just to get the worlds opinion.

I really commend them on this effort and being a big fan of statistics and the freedom of speech it’s exciting to see the world chime in on such a high profile issue.

I hope everybody will use their voice and go vote on November 4th. This is an important day and if you have the right to vote you should really be part of this.


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Obama campaign on the iPhone

Obama ’08: The Official iPhone Application

In these times people are wanting change while protecting their shiny iPhones with their lives. The Obama camp has decided to combine the two. Basically you get the Obama ’08 campaign on your phone.

Feature list

  • Call Friends: A great volunteering tool that lets you make a difference any time you want by talking to people you already know. Your contacts are prioritized by key battleground states, and you can make calls and organize results all in one place.
  • Call Stats: See nationwide Obama ’08 Call Friends totals and find out how your call totals compare to leading callers.
  • Get Involved: Do more. Find and contact your local Obama for America HQ.
  • Receive Updates: Receive the latest news and announcements via text messages or email.
  • News: Browse complete coverage of national and local campaign news.
  • Local Events: Find local events, share by email and get maps and directions.
  • Media: Browse videos and photos from the campaign
  • Issues: Get clear facts about Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s plan for essential issues facing Americans.

From the website

This year’s presidential election is a real chance for Americans to create change and build solidarity. This campaign has been about people like you making a difference. With Obama ’08, you have the information and tools necessary to help deliver the change we need come this November.

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