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11 Awesome Features Of Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS

  1. Your family photos are accompanied by text ads for skin care and diet plans.
  2. Removes all Falun Gong references from your files.
  3. Every month, the hard drive is automatically defragged and investigated for anti-trust violations.
  4. Invests in, develops, acquires, and abandons your best ideas.
  5. Integrated tax preparation software includes “I’m Feeling Lucky” deductible button.
  6. Changes your icons daily, forcing you to look up which obscure scientific figure is having a birthday.
  7. Spends 20% of its time on tasks not related to work.
  8. Prevents all evil activity unless it is deemed to be for the good of the shareholders.
  9. Masseuse comes by every Monday afternoon.
  10. Constant crashes won’t bother anybody as long as it’s labeled “Beta”.
  11. “Beta” status won’t expire until 2038.

These are of course all jokes so don’t get all offended and angry, oh wait that’s Apple fans – nevermind! :) [woot!]

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Google Torrent Search

I caught this over at Reddit.

Looks like Google has it’s own Torrent search engine. Makes me wonder if Google is so big and have so many high paid lawyers it doesn’t have to fear the RIAA or MPAA when it comes to torrents.


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WordPress 2.6.3 out

If you have a WordPress blog you probably already know this but in case your weekend was a little fuzzy (Hope you’re using Google’s Mail Goggles!) here’s what WordPress had to say about this update:

A vulnerability in the Snoopy library was announced today. WordPress uses Snoopy to fetch the feeds shown in the Dashboard. Although this seems to be a low risk vulnerability for WordPress users, we wanted to get an update out immediately. 2.6.3 is available for download right now.

If you don’t want to download the entire package for the update you can download the following two files and copy them over to your 2.6.2 installation:

  1. wp-includes/class-snoopy.php
  2. wp-includes/version.php

As always WordPress is on top of things keeping us blog lemmings safe! Thanks for your hard work guys!

WordPress 2.6.3

PS. I wrote this post on a shiny new DasKeyboard Ultimate. My review of both the Ultimate and the Professional is coming soon so stay tuned!

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Google stops you from being an idiot!

Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Stop sending mail you later regret

Had I read this on April 1st I would dismiss this as an April Fools joke. Maybe that’s even where this ingenious idea started. I’m talking about Google’s latest Google Labs addition, Mail Goggles! Even the name is funny!

The concept is awesome. This add-on lets you define a period of time during the day throughout the week when you are most likely to to send e-mails you surely will regret later. You probably get the idea, but to illustrate; that e-mail to your ex asking to get back together, or that drunken gibberish you sent to your team mailing list at work. All these horrible, but probably brilliant, ideas can now be prevented!

Mail Googles settings

Mail Googles settings

The way it works is fairly simple. You go to Gmail / Settings / Labs and enable Mail Googles. Set your settings and choose your difficulty level as shown above. Next time you feel inclined to write a masterpiece at 2am after 12 beers and a tray of Jäger shots you might be presented with a screen similar to this after hitting that infamous Send button.

This will be hard if you're an idiot.

This will seem hard if you're an idiot

Now some of you should consider leaving this on all the time – I’m just saying! You know who you are!

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Fring delivers VoIP calls to iPhone

The Fring App

The Fring App

Fring has released the iPhone version of their service today as a free download in the App Store.

Fring allows you to chat and interact with others on a variety of networks including Skype, MSN, GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo, Twitter, and ICQ. In addition, Fring offers Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) using the iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection. Features listed include:

  • VoIP (Voice) Calls over WiFi
  • Instant Messaging
  • Integrated dynamic contact list ?with real-time contact availability
  • SIP integration
  • Multiple Connection types

Fring supports SkypeOut and SIP which allows you to make calls to landline and mobile phones. Some charges may apply depending on the type of call and plan. Fring is available as a free download in the App Store. (App Store)


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Norway drops bid to host 2018 Winter Olympics

Norway drops bid to host 2018 Winter Olympics due to estimated costs

OSLO, Norway — Norway has dropped plans to bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics after new estimates doubled the projected cost of hosting the Games in the Arctic city of Tromsoe. ((Tromsø))

Silly Canadians, it’s Tromsø!

“It was a difficult decision,” Tove Paule, president of the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, said Monday.

Last week, a government-commissioned study estimated that the cost of hosting the 2018 Games would be about 29 billion kroner (C$5.1 billion), or nearly double the figure used by the Tromsoe ((again…Tromsø)) organizing committee.

That’s a bummer… Well at least we still have this!

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Android is here!

The first hardware running Google’s open source OS “Android” has finally arrived. I first saw the news announcement over at Engadget. No doubt they face a pretty daunting market with the iPhone and Blackberries dominating much of the sales and with good reason. Might explain why they’re launching it for $179 with a 2-year T-Mobile contract, but more surprisingly you can get the phone for “only” $399 contract free. If you’re already a T-mobile subscriber you’re in luck, they are taking pre-orders for you faithful customers already.

Amazon has aligned itself with the new handset giving you access to their MP3 store, so obviously they’re aiming to be a music device too. So explain to me, where the hell is the standard 3.5mm jack?

Keep reading for picture, specs and link to official site.


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