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Apple dissing the desktop?

Mac developers are some of Apple's most passionate and faithful boosters, and they build most of the software that makes the platform great. It's understandable that Apple is focused on the iPhone and iPad this year, but they shouldn't squander the huge success of the Mac. I think the omission of Mac software from the ADAs represents a missed opportunity for Apple to sustain enthusiasm among Mac developers.

It makes me wonder if Apple will make an announcement at WWDC about the future of the Mac, and whether the omission will make more sense in light of that. Otherwise, it just seems like botched publicity, and an unnecessary jab at developers who are already feeling less appreciated by Apple than they did in years past.
Daneil Jalkut
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Is this the new iPhone?

Gizmodo thinks so. They have a whole expose after paying an unknown amount of cash for the lost prototype.

Gizmodo: This Is Apple’s Next iPhone

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The iPad Instruction Manual

This is the iPad manual. Yep, it’s one sheet of paper – front and back. A picture highlighting the controls on one side, and an opposite side talking about syncing the device. Simple and elegant.

[Cult of Mac]

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Steampunk’d iMac

I love Steampunk mods. Wish I had the talent, but I don’t. The cool thing is, woodguy32 sells these covers on Etsy for only $265. Throw on another $345 for the keyboard/mouse mod.

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Jobs: Flash is a dying technology

So our friend Steve Jobs is in the news again, not for innovating cool, new products but for dissing Adobe and it’s Flash technology in a recent meeting with Wall Street Journal staff to get them excited about the non-feminine-hygiene gadget, iPad.

Jobs’ awesome selling points when WSJ staff were concerned about the heavy use of flash on their site included catch phrases like “CPU Hog”, “a source of security holes” and went in for the kill by claiming Flash was a dying technology, which is should be if I had my way. Not sure this is the best way to sell a new product but Jobs has done it his way so far and been pretty successful so who knows.

Of course AppleInsider spins all this as rumor, but they swim in the Apple Kool-Aid fountain so you’ll have to decide for yourself.

from ValleyWag/Gawker

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The S stands for Suck!

I was pretty disappointed with Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference ’09. Clarification, I was disappointed with the iPhone section. The rest was pretty nice.


No really, it's a new phone.

I missed the hint before the conference stating it would be software focused, which it ended up being. That’s OK, but Apple did not bring much to the iPhone party and with all the rumors floating around before the conference I think many were expecting great, new hardware.

Instead we got an identical looking phone with the ingenious name of iPhone 3G S. The S stands for Suck Speed. Even the name makes it clear; there’s not a lot of new here.

To add insult to injury AT&T has made sure current 3G owners will not be getting this device cheaply (Read: most won’t bother). If you want the new 16GB S model you’ll have to shell out $599 and if you want the 32GB S model be prepared to fork over a ludicrous $699 PLUS a $18 upgrade fee. WHAT?!

AT&T Reps are even recommending 3G customers cancel their current phone and sign up for a new one. It’s cheaper eating the early termination fee than paying what AT&T is asking. Completely ass backwards.

On top of that AT&T won’t be ready to support MMS when iPhone OS 3.0 comes out June 17th. Not until the end of summer will they have MMS available for their customers? Huh? How long did they know this was coming? They’re the ONLY carrier in the US!

Then there’s tethering. Now supported on the iPhone thanks to the 3.0 OS, AT&T won’t have anything to offer customers there either! It’s coming later and when it does they say it might cost about $70, and that does not include SMS. In your dreams AT&T, I’m not touching it

I’m getting by without a compass and video features for now. Yes the new phone is faster and has more memory (600Mhz, 256mb RAM) but overall it’s just a refresh of the 3G. If AT&T will reconsider subsidizing it at same rates as the 3G last year I’ll reconsider buying the 3G S.

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Apple gets a speed BMUP

From Gizmodo:


From Apple's Cupertino parking lot.

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Are these the new iPhone specs?

It’s not been confirmed but a lot of people speculate Apple will be announcing a new iPhone refresh at Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) this summer. If that’s true the phone must already be in production mode since the conference is only a month away at writing.


So it’s interesting that the above screen shot has hit the Interwebs from a Chinese forum called Weiphone. Are we looking at the specs for the new iPhone?

If we believe the leak the specs will be:

  • Model number MB717LL
  • 600MHz CPU Speed (up from 400MHz)
  • 256MB RAM (up from 128MB)
  • Digital Compass and FM
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus
  • 32GB size
  • No major changes in battery, screen and external casing.

We do know that the iPhone is being produced in China so it makes sense the leak would come from that part of the world. I’m excited for these changes. It should make for a faster experience and an impressive upgrade with the new 3.0 OS.

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