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Micro Mosquito 3.0

Radioshack came out with a new Micro Mosquito helicopter over the summer (link) making it version number 3.0. It’s pretty easy to recognize now since it’s black and orange instead of black with green LED’s.

Overall the helicopter looks a little more polished and more like a bug instead of a science experiment. Not sure I prefer the new model over the old one. The old one had a cool feel to it and looked home made almost. The new body has been curved and looks more like a bug with orange decals and orange covers over the eyes. It also grew another set of legs which does help with landing and balancing the helicopter in my opinion.

The box advertises a 7 minute flight time. I haven’t timed it yet but it flies for quite some time, so you get at least your 7 minutes worth. I bet this depends on how much you use the tailrotor while flying and how much you land and take off again.

The replacement parts kit to replace your rotors and other small pieces is still $9.99 which seems like a complete ripoff. Thanks to my amazing flying skills and my continued mission to terrorize the dogs I’ve had to buy a couple of replacement parts. The “new” replacement kit comes in all black instead of black and green metallic. The rotors that come stock on the 3.0 model has an orange color on it’s center pieces which you lose when replacing them.

It’s still a very fun, little helicopter for inside both at home and in the office. the tail rotor has been slightly angled which makes it fly forward a lot better than the previous model. If you like RC toys and you don’t want to shell out much more for the serious helicopters you should give this a try.

It's not cheap, but it's fun!

It's not cheap, but it's fun!!

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