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Linksys – what a waste!

The worthless WRT-300N routerTo whom it may concern,

I’ve been a loyal fan, customer and follower of Linksys products. Sadly this has now changed. You are losing me as a loyal customer. A customer who has spent good customer dollars on your products and recommended you to everybody. You did this, not me. I gave you guys many chances.

I bought the Linksys WRT-300N router as an upgrade to my aging WRT54G router. All was well once the growing pains and bugs were somewhat sorted out. Then an update to the draft-N spec was released. I slowly learned my new, shiny router would not be upgradeable to the latest draft release. The big brother WRT-350N released shortly after I purchased mine was. The same router (300N) is compatible in Europe (with 2.0), but not in the US.

This would all be a moot point and easily dismissed as me being a silly early adopter had it not been for the misleading ad campaign by Linksys. Had you been honest I would not have bought this router. I would have purchased one of the more expensive routers from you supporting the latest draft. No, instead when the WRT-300N was released you campaigned at it’s upgrade ability to ensure compatibility with the draft-N spec. You pushed it out prematurely to gain an upper hand in the draft-N market followed by a slew of versions and models, each adding slim features for more money. Do you think people are catching on yet?

Did you follow through on that? No you did not. Instead when I called Linksys to inquire about the product I was given the run around and put on hold for several hours. Finally I was told that the 2.0 spec was only supported in Europe for the WRT-300N and that I would have to purchase a new router. Do you think that will be another Linksys product?

Do you really think I want to spend more money on your products feeling left out in the cold with what is a grave disappointment in speed, reliability and upgrade ability? You promised a router that would grow into the spec, you touted your horn and you tricked me into believing you, then you pulled the rug away from under my feet and you didn’t even offer a sincere apology.

Your telephone support is downright insulting. Your website is more focused on pushing new models and burying attempts to work out the issues. Your added features are purely selling points which you don’t even offer support for. The included manuals with your products doesn’t even cover them well. You’ve distanced yourself from customers by removing email support all together while giving frustrated customers the run-around on the phone without offering proper solutions. The Linksys name is becoming tarnished and tossing new models at the crowd will not make it shinier.

(Don’t even get me started on the horrible look and the worthless non-modular antennas.)

Thanks for the WRT300n. It makes a real ugly looking paperweight.

Hey, I hear the new Apple Airport Extreme is better and costs the same! But wait…I don’t like Apple products…Well can’t be worse than Linksys!

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