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Last day on the job

What if you got fired, laid off or otherwise terminated from your job? Would you seek revenge as a last measure before heading out? Most of us wouldn’t but I’m sure we’ve all dreamt about doing what some of these people have done.





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  1. Dayyan
    October 2, 2015 at 8:59 am #

    same here:how do you keep it all together,when all you can do is cry?What words are ever aapropripte,for expressing such a sad goodbye How does one continue,with a life of shattered dreams?You never know if you’ve got it in you.Until it falls apart at the seams.When you feel the magnitude,of that fateful blow, within.You find out in a moment,if you’ve got the will to win. Will you survive through the pain?No matter what the cost,or give in to the hurt.And die with what you’ve lost?It’s never going to be easy.At times you’ll wish to die.But these times are the turning point,If only, you choose to survive.The sadness will overcome you.It will seem too much to bear.But remember, through the loneliness.there are those who care.If not a mother or a father,Then, a brother or a friend.Or seek the comfort of a loveror the solitude within.Whatever makes you wake each day,even through the sorrow.Will help you make it through the night,and see another tomorrow.I have no platitudes to offer,I cannot bear your load.But, I offer my strength to hold you up.On this long and painful road.The key to making it through this time.Is remembering your life, not to dread.But look at each day, like your very last.And live today, not the days ahead.If you can survive through the nights.And I promise they’ll seem longer.Each day which does not destroy you.Will only make you stronger.

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